Pemac Engineering operates in Electrical Engineering with autonomy and experience to develop practical and feasible solutions in this field, pursuing excellence in our work, always with the aim of fully achieving the expected results, seeking maximum economy, efficiency, and safety for our customers.

Our company is specialized in industrial and commercial electrical projects, prevention projects for electrostatic discharge, technical reports, industrial and commercial lighting, as built, thermography, SPDA measurement, consulting, construction management, and implementation study of economic feasibility, as well as Industrial and Commercial Automation with the utmost in sophisticated controllers.

We are committed to quality and technical quality support, always with the aim of fully achieving the results expected by our customers.


Electric development projects of the substation with 05 transformers of 2000KVA each.

General one-line diagram, SPDA project, load calculation memorial, Memorial light-technical memorial calculations, diagrams of electrical panels. Environmental lighting project, street layout and safety, clean-room project, installation project for a 1250KVA generator, IT infrastructure.

Capacity installed: 10MVA.

PEMAC Engineering joins the Green Building Council

The Green Building Council is a non-governmental organization that represents the entire construction industry, a balanced and based on consensus. Its mission is to develop a sustainable construction industry in the country, using market boosters to drive the adoption of greenbulding practices in an integrated process design, implementation, construction, and operation of buildings and built spaces.

The electric bow and what NR-10 says

An electric bow or voltaic is the result of a dielectric breakdown of a gas which produces a plasma discharge, similar to an instant spark, resulting from a current flow, usually insulator such as air.

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