PEMAC Engineering joins the Green Building Council

The Green Building Council is a non-governmental organization that represents the entire construction industry, a balanced and based on consensus. Its mission is to develop a sustainable construction industry in the country, using market boosters to drive the adoption of greenbulding practices in an integrated process design, implementation, construction, and operation of buildings and built spaces.

The GBC Brazil is one of the 21 members of the World Green Building Council, it is a supranational entity that regulates and encourages the creation of National Councils as a means of promoting world technologies, operations and initiatives in sustainable construction.
The success of the GBCB performance can be measured by the growth of LEED certification (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) in Brazil. In 2004, the seal received the first request for a Brazilian venture and also from Latin America.

The GBC works in the dissemination of the best adopted practices, including technologies, materials, processes and procedures. It will promote the certification system LEED (Leadership in Energy & Environmental Design) in Brazil as well.

It is with great pleasure that PEMAC Electrical Engineering and Consulting joins the Green Building Council in developing improvements to the current construction processes, allowing economic interests with environmental concerns.

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The electric bow and what NR-10 says

An electric bow or voltaic is the result of a dielectric breakdown of a gas which produces a plasma discharge, similar to an instant spark, resulting from a current flow, usually insulator such as air.

An archaic term for the electric bow is voltaic, as used in the phrase "voltaic bow lamp”. The electric bow occurs in a gas-filled space between two conductive electrodes (often made of carbon) and it results in a very high temperature, able to merge or virtually vaporize anything.

In practical examples of our daily routine, electric bows are used for welding, plasma cutting, and as a voltaic bow lamp for movie projectors and spotlights. Electric bow ovens are used to produce steel and other substances. The calcium carbide is done this way due to its requirement for a large input of energy to promote an endothermic reaction (at a temperature of 2500 ° C).

Low pressure electric bows are used for lightening, e.g.; for fluorescent lamps, mercury and vapor lamps, sodium lamps, camera flashes, plasma displays and neon signs.
Undesirable electric bows may cause deterioration of electric transmission systems and electronic equipment.

The section of the NR-10 says: The outfit must be appropriate for work activities considering the conductivity, flammability and electromagnetic influences. Thus, there are specific and dedicated calculations to set the correct attire resulting from studies of selectivity and electric bow.


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