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PEMAC Engineering is a young and bold, and responsible for the demanding changes in the world of business, as well as meeting all of our customers´ demands.
Formed by a highly dedicated and committed team, the company always seeks excellence in service delivery and relationship with our customers, offering innovative, practical and safe solutions in Electrical Engineering, through the encouragement of professional training.

We focus our energy to obtain satisfactory results for our customers, as well as reaching new service levels and provide real results.

Our employees are instructed to take a stand, close to customers in order to understand the strengths that shape the realities of their business. This qualifies us to create effective solutions that increase productivity and optimize its production.

We strongly believe that our value can be measured by the results we deliver. And so we are committed to delivering excellence in our services. Our commitment, improvement and technical knowledge enable us to provide positive results for our clients.


Promote solutions in the field of electrical engineering, providing quality services that meet the strictest quality controls, standards, and safety standards protocols.

For us it is important to participate in business opportunities to take full advantage of our technical expertise.


Customers and suppliers, as well as internal team, are gears that consist a single team. We stimulate and encourage each other to achieve the best results. The more we are aligned, engaged and motivated, the more we can fully meet the demand of our customers and partners. We seek to create value in our actions and encourage partnerships, focusing at the continued growth.




AThe history of PEMAC merges with the story of its founder and engineer, Osmar de Araujo, who after much struggle and persistence managed to consolidate his goals by creating a family-based company.

Osmar was born in the city of Água Branca-AL in 1962 and grew up in Paulo Afonso. He began his professional life in the Hydroelectric Power Plant of San Francisco CHESF - where he studied electrical engineering. At the age of 19, Osmar moved to the city of São Paulo in search of professional fulfillment and growth. His first job in the state capital was in Pinheiros Club, where he served as maintenance electrician. By realizing that there was no growth prospect in this job, he resigned in the third month of work.

After going through some companies, Osmar was hired by a multinational company that manufactured machinery for the food industry, this experience provided the fundamental know-how in this type of equipment and a possible invitation from a representative of BOSCH PACKAGING to act as a freelancer in technical assistance. Afterwards, he moved to Recife to support the North and Northeast regions. His talent and willpower were highly accepted in the market when he realized then, that he had the potential to play his own business. Back in Sao Paulo, and always in the pursuit of professional growth, he initially created a company that assembles electrical panels, which unfortunately suffered bankruptcy. He attended an engineering university of Mechatronics, control and automation when he decided to open another business in electrical installations but, it did not give good results either.

Since 2007, by showing all his determination and will to win, he established alongside with his sons, PEMAC ENGINEERING. With the goal of providing engineering services with added value at competitive prices, focusing on its role in electrical design, consulting, supervision, technical reports, management and supervision of works


Sustainability: The three pillars of sustainability interconnection point to the areas of environmental, social and economic, i.e.; they can´t be sustainable if one of the three aspects are not integrated with business strategy. Moreover, at PEMAC, we rely on the individual scope, where we promote awareness and responsibility of each person who works with us.

It is natural that the main objective of a company is profit, but to ensure its survival in the market it is necessary that this concept is directly linked to social and environmental performance.

By being wary of the sustainable practices, the company is associated with Green Building Council Brazil (Brazil GBC), which is a non-governmental organization that focuses on promoting sustainable construction industry in the country. Nevertheless, it has an active partnership with government and companies, professional technical training, and dissemination practices of enterprise certification processes.

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